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[VIDEO] The perfect omelette time challenge

UK followers of this blog will think I have suddenly gone all “Saturday Kitchen” on you (for anyone who doesn’t know, it is a cookery television programme on which top chefs compete to cook the fastest omelette, some of them managing to do it in under 30 seconds!).

But the point of this video is not to turn out a big yellow splodge which can vaguely pass as an omelette (this is what most of the omelettes on that programme turn into, in the pursuit of speed). What I wanted to show here was that, even with a toddler in the kitchen, you can make a tasty and nutritious lunch in under 5 minutes, from the moment you open the fridge to the moment it is served on a plate. The final time was actually well under 5 minutes as you will see in the video…

In fact, cooking this omelette took even less time than putting a piece of toast on – proof that you can cook ultra-quick, tasty and very baby/toddler friendly lunches, even when you have no time at all and barely one egg left in the house!

Cheese and tomato omelette

Total preparation and cooking time, under 5 minutes.
Serves one hungry toddler

1 free range egg
A dash of milk
Some cheddar (Archie likes extra-mature)
A small cube of butter
3 cherry tomatoes

You will also need a 6-7 inch frying pan

  1. Heat the frying pan very hot. The hotter the better. Don’t be afraid of how hot it goes!!
  2. Drop the butter in the pan and let it melt and froth (try not to leave it as long as I did as it was starting to go brown and burn!).
  3. While the butter is melting, whisk the egg lightly and add a drop of milk.
  4. When the butter is very hot, pour the egg in and swirl the pan so the egg mix covers the base.
  5. Now is the key moment!! Do not touch the egg for a full 5 seconds. Resist all temptation to do so!! Count out loud if it helps!!
  6. After five seconds, tilt the pan 45 degrees, pull back the omelette from the lowest edge of the pan with a spoon and allow any remaining uncooked egg to seep towards the edge of the pan.
  7. Do this until all the egg is cooked, although the reality is that because this is only a one egg omelette, it will only require a maximum of two tilts.
  8. As soon as you have done this, sprinkle on your cheese in a line down the middle of the omelette, add the tomatoes on top and then turn the omelette out on to a plate, allowing it to “roll over itself” as you do so by rotating the pan fully once the leading edge of the omelette has touched the plate.
  9. Serve immediately…

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