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[VIDEO] Our stickiest spare ribs…

And now for a real treat – undoubtedly one of our favourite dishes in this house. You only need to watch Archie devouring two ribs at the end of the video to see how much he loves them. Obviously this is not an “under 15 minutes” recipe but it is well worth the extra time required. And even though it takes a little longer than many of the dishes here (I like to cover the ribs and slow cook them so they are extra tender), it is by no means a tricky dish to make. Ribs are also extremely good value (especially when bought direct from a butcher) and you can be very flexible in how you make the marinade itself. You needn’t pay too much attention to quantities and missing the odd ingredient is not going to do the ribs any harm at all.

With the ribs being the star of the show, I just served this with simple plain jasmine rice and steamed green beans…

Our stickiest spare ribs…

Preparation time ten minutes, total cooking time 90 minutes.
This meal served three of us, although we could quite easily have eaten even more! The quantities below are for four people…

Preheat the oven to 180°C / 350°F

Approximately 1kg of lean pork ribs (exact weights will vary as some racks are meatier than others).
A couple of cloves of garlic and a small cube of fresh ginger, both chopped.
Lots of honey! I reckon you need 5-6 tbsp…
1-2tsp of low salt soy sauce
A good “glug” of oyster sauce. Initially I put in about 3 tbsp but I added some extra as the marinade looked a little thick.
A drop of vegetable oil.
A large pinch of Chinese 5 Spice powder.
A couple of star anise (entirely optional, I just happen to have a big packet of them in my cupboard).

  1. Mix together the garlic, ginger, oyster sauce, honey, vegetable oil and spices in your baking dish. Smother both sides of the pork ribs in the marinade. We did this just before cooking them but you can do this well in advance too, if you wish.
  2. Pour half a glass of water into the baking dish, cover it securely with silver foil and put it in the oven for approximately 35 minutes.
  3. Take the dish out, baste both sides of the ribs with the juices in the pan. The ribs will still look fairly pale at this stage. Turn the ribs over, cover the dish again and cook for a further 35 minutes.
  4. Take the dish out once again. By now the liquid in the dish will be very dark and sticky so I add a little water and give the base of the tin a good scrape to get all the best bits to baste the ribs with! Turn the ribs over once again and put this dish back in the oven, uncovered, for approximately 15 minutes.
  5. During these last few minutes of cooking time, prepare the rice and vegetables. I usually baste the ribs a few more times too as this helps darken the ribs but this is entirely optional.
  6. Take the ribs out of the oven and leave them to “rest” for a few minutes on a chopping board. Then cut them up and serve on the rice.
  7. Finally, add a little water to the oven dish, scrape up all the sauce, and drizzle it over the ribs and rice.

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