Recording of us on Market Kitchen

As a small consolation for the fact that we could not do a video this week as Archie was unwell, here is the video of our pre-recorded appearance on Market Kitchen on the Good Food Channel on Friday evening.

We made a “Strata” breakfast casserole, a 100% make ahead breakfast dish. It’s like a soufflĂ©, French toast and bread pudding, all rolled into one. Easy comfort food at its very best!

For the full recipe, please go to this link on the Good Food Channel website: Click here.

The above recording is strictly the copyright of the Good Food Channel and UKTV…


  1. What a super star! I do hope he is feeling better. Kat x

  2. Just watched the video as missed the actual show. Well done, cooking with Archie in front of an audience and under a very tight time limit must have been a real challenge, but it looked like it came out brilliantly! Great job guys! Another tasty looking recipe!

  3. Oh wow you both did so well! And I loved A's little whispered comments, they should have given him his own microphone….

  4. Yay – you guys rocked it. Missed it on TV so glad to see it finally! :) :) :)

    Today – Market Kitchen.
    Tomorrow – THE WORLD!


  5. Looks delicious, another recipe I will have to try soon. I might give the super-seasoned salad a miss though. It is lovely that Archie was relaxed enough to be chatty and that, even with the pressure of cooking on TV, you never sidelined him. You inspire me both as a parent and as a cook.

  6. Love the video, missed the show as forgot to set the Sky plus! You are such a natural Nick can't wait to see you on TV in the future! Welll Done.
    Oh by the way my Mothers Day at Marks Mum's was a success thanks to the Butternut & Carrot Soup, the Chicken & Tarragon hotpot, and Lemon & Bluebelly cake for desert! My Daddy Cooks success again!!!
    Inge x

  7. A wonderful example of TV at its best. Nick, you and Archie have star quality. The dish looks totally delicious and I could eat Archie up too! Those cheeky cheeks!!! Well done.

  8. ooo that looked tasty – but Archie, as ever, was the the most edible. Well done Nick for keeping going while all around you concentrated on getting Archie to chuck all the salt in!

  9. Fabulous to see you on Market Kitchen – am now following on twitter & facebook & enjoying your updates!

    Wanted to ask how you managed to get the clip from Market Kitchen as I was also fortunate to be a guest of theirs in October ’09 with Andrew Sachs & his dogs featuring my ‘Hound Cake’ for the charity WSPA….anyway they did send me a dvd of that days recording but I don’t seem to be able to copy it – any suggestions Nick?

    kind regards, Louise


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