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Introducing my fellow MADs Awards finalists

the-mads-logo-top-bannerAs you cannot fail to have noticed on the big banner on my homepage, I have been nominated in two categories for this year’s MADs Awards. The MADs (sponsored by Butlins) celebrate the best of parent blogging in the UK. If you haven’t yet looked at the website, I urge you to go and look. There are 50 blogs nominated in 10 categories and many of them are true gems.

I am nominated in the “Most Innovative Blog” and the “Blogger of the Year” categories. The winner of the second category is chosen by a panel of experts, the winner of the first category is decided by public vote. You can see the nominations for “Most Innovative Blog” here. All great blogs to vote for so please do vote, if you get a minute!

I will be introducing the other finalists in the “Most Innovative Blog” category later this week. Tonight I am going to introduce the other finalists in the “Blogger of the Year” Category.

Bringing up Charlie is the work of Tim Atkinson and documents his life bringing up his second child, Charlie. Tim’s story is an impressive one. Previously a deputy headmaster, he gave up work to be a stay-at-home dad and pursue a writing career. He is one of the best writers I know in the blogging world. He has a natural warmth and dry wit which comes through in all he writes, making his blog engaging and always entertaining.

Everyday Stranger is another beautifully written blog, written by an ex-pat American called Shannon. Her story is an inspiring one – she is a sufferer of EDS and had five rounds of IVF before having her twins – and her blog content is always beautifully written, original and very often inspiring and funny.

Goodbye to Pert Breasts is the world of free-lance writer Ben Wakeling. I only discovered Ben’s blog after the finalists were announced but it is a real treat. Ben is a very accomplished writer and his insights into pregnancy and bringing up a toddler will strike chords with dads and mums alike.

Slightly South of Sanity is another treasure which I only discovered after the nominations were announced. I don’t know the name of the author but her story is powerful – mental breakdowns, being sectioned to a psychiatric unit and raising two kids. The blog posts are candid, sometimes edgy, often funny and always painted through the eyes of someone with a rich and colourful life experience. The blog shows that you can come out the other side and still – just about! – remain sane. Or, at least, not totally mad!

Please do visit these blogs and the other MADs finalists…

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