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Some lovely and some very sad news

I was all set yesterday to announce some lovely news for our family. Happily I am still able to do that but it is tinged with great sadness.

We have known for 8 weeks that Jo is pregnant and she had the 12 week scan yesterday. We learnt at this scan that she had, in fact, been carrying twins. Sadly one of them has not survived.

We had prepared ourselves for many different scenarios from the scan but this was not one we had envisaged at all. Bizarrely, Jo and I had both said a while ago that we thought she was having twins. In fact, we both dreamt about it on the same night. These things work in funny ways.

The twin survived to about 8 weeks. Obviously our immediate reaction was to wonder if we could have done anything any differently but everyone tells us – and we know really – that early pregnancy is something none of us can have any control over.

It’s easy to say that we should just be happy for what we have got. And don’t get me wrong, we are so thrilled that Archie will be meeting his brother or sister, all things being equal, early in 2011. But we have been thrilled for 8 weeks about that already and there is plenty of time to reconnect with that feeling in the coming days and weeks.

For now we are just really sad for losing one of the twins and confused as to how to feel in general.

So here’s to our little fighter – and the brother or sister he or she only very briefly knew.

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