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**ComPANtition!** £300 of GreenPan pans to be won!

Sto BA Open Frypan 28cmYou may have noticed the pans and saucepans I use to cook on the blog. They were given to me some time ago by a company called GreenPan and, as the name suggests, have been developed to be 100% environmentally friendly.

The pans are non-stick but they use a different process to conventional non-stick pans. Their coating is made of ceramic, which is an entirely naturally occurring mineral substance, as opposed to the PTFE which is used to make conventional non-stick pans. They have also stripped down the production process, ensuring that the non-stick coating is applied in just one coating, reducing by 60% the emissions produced then the pans are made.

The ceramic coating used by GreenPan is called Thermolon. This naturally occurring substance makes the pans heat-resistant up to a very high temperature and is also very hard-wearing.4081lrg

The pans are excellent heat conductors and I have generally found that I have to cook on a lower heat than usual as they heat up more efficiently than my previous pans. As for their “non-stick-ness”, they are as effective, if not more so, as the conventional pans I have used in the past.

GreenPan are offering a set of three pans from the top-of-the range Stockholm tri-ply range to the winner of our competition. These are a

24cm frying pan, a 28cm frying pan and a 30cm wok.

The set costs £209 in the shops.

Mexican Food Made Simple - jacket coverTo make it even more appealing to followers of the blog, the runner-up prize will be a 28cm frying pan worth £68 and my publishers, Hodder & Stoughton, are throwing in a third prize too of Thomasina Miers’ brilliant book, “Mexican Food Made Easy”.

This competition will run until August 15th 2010. It is open to anyone who is either an existing or new subscriber to the My Daddy Cooks newsletter, which goes out every 3 or 4 weeks with site news and updates. Due to the costs of shipping, it is only open to entries from the UK. The winner will be picked at random on camera and will be notified on August 16th.

This competition is intended as a bit of fun for my subscribers. Repeat/bulk/third party entries will simply be ignored. Entries which do not answer both questions will also be disqualified.

Remember, this competition is moderated and drawn by humans, not computers. There is no point in spamming it, your entries will just simply be deleted…

Rita Mistry won the third prize, Colin Rees won the second prize and Alex Coley won the first prize. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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