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My BBC Radio show starts this Sunday!

DSC_0075This Sunday sees the launch of my new weekly radio food show, “Three Counties Kitchen” on BBC Three Counties Radio. It will be a live two hour show, starting at 19.00, featuring local and national guests, delicious recipes, kitchen disasters and much more.

I am really excited that my first big guest will be current MasterChef champion Dhruv Baker. He is such an exciting cook – with a great story to tell – and I cannot wait to meet him and interview him. He will also be taking calls and cooking one of his favourite dishes for the show.

One of the reasons the blog has been a little quiet over the last few weeks has been that I have been working so much in preparation for the show. I have had great support from everyone at BBC Three Counties Radio in setting the show up properly.

As you know, I have done a fair bit of radio before but presenting my own show is going to be a whole new challenge. Luckily, I will have my producer Laura Miller alongside me and expert knob-twiddler Jonathan will be there too, reducing the risk of me accidentally taking the station off air!

The biggest challenge we face is bringing food and drink to life on the radio, without the benefit of pictures and images. This is where Laura has been absolutely brilliant, turning my ideas into features which will actually [hopefully!] sound interesting on the radio.

I feel as ready as I can be for when that red light goes on at 19.00 on Sunday but I know that nothing can truly prepare me for doing it live and on air. And, as so many different people have warned me, this is radio – where anything and everything can (and most probably will) happen!
The show will be streamed live online here and of course if you are in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire you can listen to BBC Three Counties Radio on FM. The frequencies can be found here. It will also be available to listen back on BBC I-Player.

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