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A domestic confession…

So, according to a survey out this week, 82% of women still do all the housework. I know this because I was contacted by BBC Radio Oxford to be on Lou Hannan’s show tomorrow morning at 10.10.


“Nick, you are a stay at home dad, can you come on and talk about how you do all the housework?”


“Er, would love to come on. I may have a divorce on my hands if I come on and say I do the housework!”.


So instead, I am going on to confess that I am basically crap at housework. I do try. Honestly I do. But I am just not very good. At all.


I knew I was in difficulty when I first met Jo. I made her supper and tidied up. She thanked me for tidying up but informed me that I had not done the “surface test’. This, I was soon to learn, involved bending down, having my eyes at worktop height and seeing the crumbs which the naked eye cannot see when standing up.


At the time, I thought it was a joke. Five years later and I know she was deadly serious.


You see, the thing is, I just do not have the same perception of mess that Jo does. Is this a man thing? Or just a me thing?


I am unable to concentrate right to the end of a job. I will tidy the kitchen – but forget stuff in the sink. I will tidy the lounge – but miss the 6 foot train track clogging up the floor.


I think that I am inherently messy! They say that your environment is a reflection of your mind and in my case it is very true. NO, I am not saying my mind is DIRTY (!), just that it is very chaotic and higgledy piggledy and this is translated into the state of my desk, or my love of stacking clothes up on top of the chair next to my bed…


But herein lies the question. Am I just a typical bloke? Jo and I do most things on a 50-50 basis and, as you know, I do all the cooking. But are men just incapable of keeping things tidy?


Is it that we are just lazy?


Or, in my case, is it just that I can never reach the exacting standards of my lovely wife?


Either way, I would say that housework is the single most frequent cause of friction in our house!


What about you??

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