Archie has broken his arm :(

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IMG00012-20101017-1952 حساب الفوركس Archie with Jo after his temporary cast was put on

افضل بنك لتداول الاسهم 2014 Yup, as the title says, my little sous-chef has broken his arm. It’s a fracture of the humeris, although there is nothing funny about it at all.

بيع اسهم الاكتتاب بنك الاهلي We were in the park on Sunday afternoon and he was happily climbing the climbing frames. There is one tall one which he loves to go on. I always prop him up when he gets to the top (there is a slide for coming down) but somehow he slipped and I lost my grip. شركات ينصح بشراء اسهمها As with all good cliché stories, he seemed to fall to the ground in slow motion! It was a big fall, well over 5 foot, and he fell flat on his face and tummy. Rather disconcertingly, he bounced very softly thanks to the safety flooring but it was immediately clear all was not well. He was actually really brave and just kept saying “I really want to go home”.

forex online trading course Cue carrying him home, the arrival of an ambulance, a trip to A+E, a few very painful x-rays and then the verdict of the fracture. The doctors were very concerned that he would need an operation but the bone set well enough when they re-set it without putting him under general anaeasthetic. I don’t need to describe how excruciating it was to see them setting the arm!

الخيارات الثنائية الوكالة الدولية للطاقة جوجل تاجر He is a brave and fesisty little boy and is being very creative in how to survive using just one arm. He is in pain but, by all accounts, this should heal within 4 weeks. أسهم للبيع I still feel devastated that this happened on my watch. As so many people have pointed out on Twitter, these things can and DO happen. It may even be a rites of passage for a dad and his little boy. But that doesn’t take away any of the guilt, even if I do know that you just cannot wrap kids up in cotton wool and prevent all injuries and pain.

bästa forex mäklare IMG00015-20101018-1325He was very cute yesterday, insisting on dressing up in his chef’s outfit. I think this was his attempt to maintain a sense of normality. We won’t be cooking together in the kitchen for a little while though, at least not until he is out of the temporary cast and I feel fully confident with him there. Plus I want to dedicate 100% of my time to making sure he is ok, so things may be a little quiet for a bit on the blog…