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The Gallery – Black & White

Every week, fellow blogger Tara Cain over at Stickyfingers (she has been doing it since 2002 and I call her the Blogging Queen!) runs something called the Gallery. She gives a “cue” and people publish photos based on that cue. I have always been too scared to participate. Mainly because I am a cr*p photographer! But this week, the theme of “Black and White” caught my eye, namely because two of my favourite photos of my two favourite people – Jo and Archie – are in black and white.

Plus, there is the added advantage that I took neither of these photos!!! The first was taken by photographer Nikole Ramsay at our wedding and the second was taken by my lovely friend Claire Slim, at her son’s birthday last year. Head over to Claire’s blog to see some more of her lovely photography.

So here, at last, is my very first entry in the gallery! Enjoy the photo of Jo while it’s still there. It is a rare sighting of her on this blog and, while she was more than happy for me to post this, she is very private and could yet change her mind!!

If you want to see what everyone else did, jump over to Tara’s post where you can find links to other posts – and maybe discover some great new blogs too.

jowedding 2


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