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[VIDEO] Me and Archie turning on the Xmas lights in Kings Langley

DSC02498I was delighted to be invited by the Kings Langley Parish Council to turn on the Christmas lights, on behalf of BBC Three Counties Radio. According to the organisers, there were between 3500 and 4000 people in Kings Langley High Street and it really was a marvellous community event. I was particularly taken by the incredible warmth (on an incredibly cold evening!) of everyone who was present. It must be wonderful for people to live in amongst such a lovely community spirit.

Obviously there was no way Archie was going to let ME turn on the lights. He has been telling everyone all week that he was going to do it – and sure enough he was true to his word. Meeting Father Christmas straight after turning the lights on was the icing on the cake for him, especially as Father Christmas bounded on to the scene carrying a present especially for Archie! He was still talking about the whole event excitedly late last night – and will certainly have something interesting to talk about at “Show and Tell” at nursery on Monday!

A big thank you to Gerry Angiolini and everyone at the Kings Langley Parish Council for kindly inviting us to switch on the lights, we really did have a sparklingly lovely time!



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