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Can we help this beautiful little girl?

Screen shot 2011-01-10 at 20.23.51I am not one for blogging too much about causes. I think other people do it much better than me. But I spotted a story on twitter today about Mille D’Cruz. She is a gorgeous 6 year old with a very serious illness. Time is running out for her and her parents, friends and family are trying to raise £200k to take her to the States for what could be life saving treatment.

Maybe it’s because Jo is so close to giving birth, maybe it’s because I am a dad. I don’t know why but her gorgeous smile just leapt out at me and it would be wonderful if her parents could find a way of getting to the £200k. It sounds a lot of money but if 200k people all gave £1, the target would be reached. With the power of blogs and twitter, that could happen in a matter of hours. I know it is a small hope but this is my small contribution to trying to make it happen.

Here is the link to the fund raising website: Help Millie. Do have a look if you get a spare moment. There is an easy “donation” link in the top right and even the smallest donation will help. Even if you can’t donate, perhaps you can tweet about this, or put it on your Facebook pages or blogs.

It is clear that this little girl is extremely poorly. And it is unimaginable what it must be like for her parents to have such a huge financial hurdle to climb, just to give their little girl a chance of survival.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. As I said, I never post this kind of thing but it would have been wrong of me not to blog about Millie once I had read about her story…

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