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[VIDEO] Tower of London – our great day out in London!

Archie is currently obsessed with castles, goodies, baddies, battles and nights. His prized possessions are his Castle of Dooooooom (he always emphasises the “doom”) and his plastic figurines. He also LOVES London, mainly because we found a 30 year old London picture book at my parents’ house which he always “reads” when we go round there. So, we decided to give his heavily pregnant mummy a day off and head into London to visit the Tower of London.

I love “dad and son” days. In truth, I probably don’t do enough of them. I had been to the Tower of London in my 20s, taking some French friends on a tourist visit. I had enjoyed it but not loved it. But… one of the best things about being a dad is that I now get to see things through the marvelling eyes of a 3 year old. For Archie, the Tower of London was one huge medieval adventure. Castles, turrets, port holes, stairs, canons, knights, beefeaters – the whole deal.

He literally dragged me round every corner of the tower. I think what amazed him most was that he had actually been ALLOWED into the castle. His first words to his granddad when we were picked up at the station at the end of the day were “Papa, you not know? They ackkkktually let us in!”. So cute.

My two favourite moments of the day (both caught on the video)? Archie walking through the gates of the Tower of London and saying “We are REALLY in London now!” and him setting up his solider figurines in the courtyard of the Tower, in the middle of the crowds, and creating a full-on battle between them.

Tourists were watching us like we were mad. Goes to show though that, through the eyes of a kid, absolutely everything comes to life…

My ticket cost me nearly £16 and Archie went in free. Not cheap but, you know what? Actually worth every penny. More info on the official site. Plus there are of course lots of 2 for 1 offers available from various sources (including rail companies) online.

NB – this is the first video I have hosted on my own server, instead of on Youtube. Please let me know if you have any problems viewing it…

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