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Back to basics – history repeating itself

It’s a bit of a crazy busy period at the moment. Writing the follow-up to my first book, all manner of other creative projects going on – plus I have become a part-time stay-at-home dad again! Work commitments mean I cannot do as much with Matilda as I did in the early days with Archie but I am still getting to spend loads of precious time with her at the moment since Jo has gone back to her part-time school counsellor job.

And having Matilda at home, having to fill the time we spend together, has literally sent me back four years in time. Now that Archie is so confident in the kitchen, I have pretty well forgotten how and why we first got into the kitchen together. More than anything, it was a place to hang out together in, spend some quality time while I prepared lunch or supper. Somewhere he could be free and creative (code: make a mess). In the very early days, cooking was of course secondary. It was all about the fun of being together.

And so history is repeating itself with Matilda. The FunPod has been dusted down and we now hang out in the kitchen together. She is a very different personality to Archie – a  little less chaotic, a little less prone to pick things up and throw them (no doubt that will come with age), but once again, she has shown what a wonderful place the kitchen can be to hang out in. I say it all the time when I talk about cooking with kids, that getting them in the kitchen early helps build a fun and positive relationship around food for them – and it has been really lovely to be reminded of this when hanging out with my little girl…

Of course, she is a long long way from cooking but she is quickly learning that the kitchen is the hub of our family life. And no, before you ask, there won’t be any Matilda cooking videos for a long while. Archie was a little over 2 years old when I first turned a camera on in our kitchen so I think she has a little way to go yet!

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