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INTRODUCING The After School Cookbook

Mini drumroll… I am so excited to announce my new book which will be out on June 5th. It is called THE AFTER SCHOOL COOKBOOK.

This book has nearly 120 recipes in it, all perfect for feeding hungry kids and busy families:

Speed of Night is all about the quickest of quick cook recipes.

Ready When You Get Home is full of make-ahead recipes to eliminate the stress from home time.

Saving Your Bacon has delicious but thrifty recipes.

Here Today, Gone Still Here Tomorrow makes the most of leftovers and stretches meals over more than one day.

Inspired Lunchboxes are tasty lunches for school time (or any other time for that matter).

Mind The Gap features recipes to eat on the run, in the gap between the end of school and supper, or football practise or going to Brownies. Things to eat when a meal would be too much but when a hungry tummy needs filling.

Ready Made Meals Made By You is full of classics which are much tastier when home-made than store-bought,

2+2=7 is the chapter for those very unplanned playdates when suddenly you have more mouths to feed.

And finally, the book wouldn’t have been complete without a chapter of Genius Treats, containing all the sweet treats you could ever need.

front and back

In a nutshell, I simply wanted to write a cookbook I would actually want to buy for myself! The focus has been entirely on how to keep stress levels low at home time, while still creating food which the whole family will love to eat. And of course all the elements you have come to expect from me are in the book – easy, foolproof, forgiving and delicious recipes to cook with your family and eat with your family. 

Not only are there 20% more recipes in this book, it will also be cheaper to buy than my first book too.

Lots has changed since I wrote my first book, meaning mealtimes have changed significantly too. Archie is now at school, Matilda came along and is now nearly three years old – and I’m no longer being a stay-at-home dad since I started my daily radio programme on BBC Three Counties Radio. The most striking change is the need to feed a hungry, tired and growing schoolboy whose patience threshold has diminished almost totally since he started school. Oh and who has a habit of organising playdates without telling us until the very last minute!

The idea for the book first came to me all of 18 months ago so I have been living with it a while now and keeping it under wraps. It’s always extremely nerve wracking finally announcing an idea which I have been so close to for so long but I genuinely love the concept of this book and I hope you will too. I guess the After School Cookbook is the book where “My Daddy Cooks” has grown up a little and whether your children are young or old, I think it will take lots of stress out of your mealtimes and give you loads of inspiration too.

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