BUY SIGNED COPIES Thank you to everyone who has bought the My Daddy Cooks book. It currently has 56 x 5 star reviews on Amazon and contains 100 brilliant recipes for the whole family to cook and eat together. A few of the most popular recipes from the blog are in it but there are nearly 90 brand new, previously unseen recipes.

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مزيد من المساعدة Cathy Ranson, editor of Netmums says she has “never worked my way through a book like I have done with My Daddy Cooks!”. Catherine Phipps in the Guardian says “Nick Coffer’s book My Daddy Cooks is full of what he calls “Tuesday night food” – lots of quick kitchen to table dishes which are nonetheless made from scratch – clever, simplified meals, with no reliance on anything processed” and Flying Start Magazine said “Finally a collection of delicious and interesting recipes for all the family. Fantastic book, inspirational and easy to follow. Get your copy of this must-have book today”.

كيف اشتري اسهم عن طريق الراجحي I have had a number of requests to sell signed copies of the book so here is your opportunity to buy one. For £15 (RRP of the book is £16.99), I will personalise your book for you, sign it and send it out to you by registered delivery.

ثنائي حساب الخيار التجريبي دون إيداع Click on the button below to go to the checkout page. Payment will be handled securely by PayPal. PayPal will (if all goes to plan!) send me a shipping address to send the book to.

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الخيارات الثنائية إي تورو التداول ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** I will assume the book is to be personalised to the name of the person placing the order. If you want me to do anything different, please simply drop me an email by clicking here with the details of who and how you want me to personalise the book. I am happy to write whatever message you want!

كيف يجعلك اليوتيوب تربح المال Thanks a lot – and I hope you enjoy the book!

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زيارة موقعه على الانترنت NB – this price is for books delivered within the UK. Please get in touch to find out costs of overseas postage.