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The story behind my Sainsbury’s TV advert (it goes live on Wednesday)

The story behind my Sainsbury’s TV advert (it goes live on Wednesday)

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see url I am delighted to say that my new Sainsbury’s TV advert goes live tomorrow, Wednesday 8th January. As yet, I don’t know exactly during which programmes but I hope to know some time during the day tomorrow. It’s funny to look at the advert now and think that the 40 seconds of it are a result of 3 months of work, a 16 hour shoot day and, at a conservative estimate, the work of over 150 people. On the day of the shoot alone there were over 80 people crammed into the house in Harlesden where we filmed the video! Thankfully the day was shorter for Archie and Matilda – they were there for about four hours in total, which is the maximum time by law they were allowed to be present. Part of me thinks their highlight was actually getting to eat lunch on the top deck of the double decker catering bus. They loved that! Matilda was also thrilled to be given two fairy outfits by the director but took some convincing not to wear them immediately as they weren’t *quite* the look they were hoping for in the final advert! I think what surprised me the most about the day was the attention to detail. I probably ran through my recipe five or six times in total, all from different camera angles. Continuity was a very important part of the day. Each take had to follow on coherently from the previous one. This is where the “script bitch” came into her own (it’s what she called herself, I am not being rude here). Her job was...

Back to basics – history repeating itself

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follow It’s a bit of a crazy busy period at the moment. Writing the follow-up to my first book, all manner of other creative projects going on – plus I have become a part-time stay-at-home dad again! Work commitments mean I cannot do as much with Matilda as I did in the early days with Archie but I am still getting to spend loads of precious time with her at the moment since Jo has gone back to her part-time school counsellor job. And having Matilda at home, having to fill the time we spend together, has literally sent me back four years in time. Now that Archie is so confident in the kitchen, I have pretty well forgotten how and why we first got into the kitchen together. More than anything, it was a place to hang out together in, spend some quality time while I prepared lunch or supper. Somewhere he could be free and creative (code: make a mess). In the very early days, cooking was of course secondary. It was all about the fun of being together. And so history is repeating itself with Matilda. The FunPod has been dusted down and we now hang out in the kitchen together. She is a very different personality to Archie – a  little less chaotic, a little less prone to pick things up and throw them (no doubt that will come with age), but once again, she has shown what a wonderful place the kitchen can be to hang out in. I say it all the time when I talk about cooking with kids, that getting them in...

Is there a Doctor in the house?

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enter site It’s fair to say my dad has led an unconventional life. It started out with pretty standard fare for a young Jewish man from the East End of London. An accountancy qualification, followed by a stint in the family firm in Northampton (they made football souvenirs) before taking it over when my granddad died. The unconventional bit started in 1984 when he started to look after the affairs of a Northampton based band called Love & Rockets, whose bass guitarist was married to his secretary. Aficionados of 80s indie rock will know L&R were born out of the embers of seminal Goth band Bauhaus. And so began a career managing some of the most influential indie bands of the 80s and 90s. The Cocteau Twins, the Smashing Pumpkins and The Sundays to name but a few. Often dressed in a full-length purple velvet coat with leopard-skin lapels, he looked like Daddy Warbucks who had just wandered on to the set of Spinal Tap. But this could not mask an amazing ear for music, an unrivaled eye for talent and a unique understanding of the mind of the artist. It certainly made for an interesting and eclectic life for me. I toured America with his bands, hung out with artists who were often heroes of mine too, spent my time at gigs – and was even allowed to pretend to be a guitarist on stage at a gig in front of twenty thousand people at the UCLA amphitheatre in Los Angeles. The music industry changed in the late 90s and the focus moved away from developing artists so he hung...

Our home birth – from a dad’s perspective [PART 2]

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التداول الاسهم Yesterday I gave you the first part of my account of Matilda’s home birth. We got up to the point where Jo’s waters had broken and we knew labour was imminent. Today’s it’s time to read about the the actual birth itself. There is such little information about dads and home births that I really hope these two posts inspire other dads (and mums of course) into possibly thinking about having a home birth too… —————————————————– At 9.30, I sensed that Jo’s labour was progressing quicker than she felt (or was admitting to!). I called the midwife and took what can best be described as an executive decision. No the contractions were not yet unbearable, yes Jo could still talk, no these were not signs of active labour – BUT I asked her to make her way to our house immediately, not least because she lives an hour away. Archie and I pumped up the pool together and, once I had managed to bribe him to jump out of it (easier said than done), managed somehow to fill it up, in spite of the hose connector leaking more from the tap than it was actually sending into the pool. Of course, one of the keys to a successful labour is a calm and relaxed environment. Hard as he tried, Archie was not conducive to this. He set himself up, in the lounge, with his “Sword and the Stone” DVD. “Mummy can watch it too”. Er no! Back-up was called and he agreed to go out to lunch with his grandparents. In the fantasy scenario, he would have been there...

Our home birth from a dad’s perspective [PART 1]

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تعريف الرافعة المالية Over the next two days, I am going publish my account of Matilda’s recent home birth. As you will read, I was not always convinced that a home-birth was the best option. The almost complete lack of information on home-births from the dad’s perspective has lead me to write these posts for other new dads whose partners want a home-birth… —————————————————————————— From the moment we found out she was pregnant, Jo said she wanted a home-birth. Now, you know me well enough on this blog to know that deep-down I am probably a bit of a “hippy” when it comes to parenting questions but this took even me by surprise. We had seen several of our closest friends enjoy home-births so I guess it was logical the idea was on Jo’s radar. Plus I had forgotten that first time round, with Archie, Jo had had a very difficult experience at hospital. Don’t get me wrong – the warmth and kindness of all the midwives and nurses as phenomenal – but, for a number of reasons which I won’t bore you with now, the experience was a very stressful and exhausting one for Jo. The first thing which came to my mind was “What about the dangers? What if there’s a problem?”. In reality, I think it may stem from the misplaced notion (in my opinion) that pregnancy is a “condition” which needs treating. When a pregnancy is smooth and the foetus is healthy, there is nothing more natural. And when things are natural, Jo’s angle was they do not need “medicalising”. Jo still had her fears though and felt...

Introducing baby Matilda Lily Rachel Coffer!

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go site [slickr-flickr tag=”matilda” align=”center”] Well, you may well have already heard via my Facebook page or on my Twitter account but I am delighted to announce here the birth of our baby Matilda Lily Rachel. She was born at home on Saturday 15th January at 12.36, weighing 8lbs13oz. The home birth experience was very special indeed. Jo was absolutely amazing. I am writing a blog post about the home birth, from a dad’s perspective, so will save the full story of the actual birth for that next post. Matilda is a very beautiful little girl indeed and is doing very well, as is Jo. We have been enjoying a very quiet week, getting used to being a family of four for the first time. Archie is a proud big brother, even if sometimes the look on his face belies a little bit of “so, er, who are you? And, er, exactly how long are you intending on hanging around here?!”. We have been blown away by the scale of warmth and love shown in everyone’s comments on twitter and Facebook. I lost count last Saturday but there were somewhere near 500 tweets about Matilda’s birth. If only I could thank everyone individually! After the early difficulties of the pregnancy, where we lost a twin, we were so thrilled to have a healthy baby. And, of course, we were so excited to have a little girl. Mind you, initially I said she was a boy. The midwife believed me. Jo believed the midwife. And for a whole hour, Matilda was, well, Finlay! Don’t ask!! I’ll be telling that story in more...
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