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The After School Cookbook is out today!

The After School Cookbook is out today! by | Jun 4, 2014 | News

go here Good morning! Well, after 20 months of a bit of blood, quite a lot of sweat, and more tears than I would care to admit to, THE AFTER SCHOOL COOKBOOK is out today!! Packed with 120 delicious recipes to feed even the hungriest of kids in the most stressful of environments, this book will take all the pressure away from hometime for you. As with my first book, all the recipes are tried, tested and foolproof. No expensive ingredients, no difficult techniques. Just great food for feeding you and your family. It’s on sale in the high street, at Sainsbury’s and here on Amazon. You can get much more information on the book in this...
INTRODUCING The After School Cookbook

INTRODUCING The After School Cookbook by | Jan 10, 2014 | News

متى ابيع اسهم اسمنت ام القرى Mini drumroll… I am so excited to announce my new book which will be out on June 5th. It is called THE AFTER SCHOOL COOKBOOK. This book has nearly 120 recipes in it, all perfect for feeding hungry kids and busy families: Speed of Night is all about the quickest of quick cook recipes. Ready When You Get Home is full of make-ahead recipes to eliminate the stress from home time. Saving Your Bacon has delicious but thrifty recipes. Here Today, Gone Still Here Tomorrow makes the most of leftovers and stretches meals over more than one day. Inspired Lunchboxes are tasty lunches for school time (or any other time for that matter). Mind The Gap features recipes to eat on the run, in the gap between the end of school and supper, or football practise or going to Brownies. Things to eat when a meal would be too much but when a hungry tummy needs filling. Ready Made Meals Made By You is full of classics which are much tastier when home-made than store-bought, 2+2=7 is the chapter for those very unplanned playdates when suddenly you have more mouths to feed. And finally, the book wouldn’t have been complete without a chapter of Genius Treats, containing all the sweet treats you could ever need. In a nutshell, I simply wanted to write a cookbook I would actually want to buy for myself! The focus has been entirely on how to keep stress levels low at home time, while still creating food which the whole family will love to eat. And of course all the elements you have come to...
[NEW VIDEO] Archie & me cooking at Real Food Festival (2 book recipes!!)

[NEW VIDEO] Archie & me cooking at Real Food Festival (2 book recipes!!)

شراء اسهم بنك دبي الاسلامي by | May 10, 2011 | Easy, Evening meals, Fish, News, Pasta, Under 15 minutes

الخيارات الثنائية أفضل منصة I was thrilled to be invited to cook at the Real Food Festival at Earls Court on Sunday – and here is the full video of me and Archie cooking two recipes from my new book (which is available for pre-order for only £9.45 by clicking here to Amazon)! We cooked my Mexican Lasagne, which is basically a deliciously easy chilli con carne, layered with flour tortillas instead of lasagne sheets. Possibly my favourite recipe in the book. We also made my “no-cook smoked salmon, lemon, cheese and dill” pasta, part of a whole chapter in the book where the sauces literally require no cooking. You’ll understand that I can’t yet post the full recipes here on the blog but if you watch the video, you’ll soon see how they are made. As ever, all I can commit to is being there on stage myself. There is no guarantee whatsoever that Archie will want to cook with me on stage. As it so happens, this time round he seemed more than happy to be on stage with me. Indeed, he was with me throughout our whole slot on stage, creating more messy havoc than I fear the lovely Valentina Harris and her extra patient assistant, Sancha, could possibly have imagined was coming their way! Still, Jo and I will always remain vigilant to where Archie is at, and coming on stage with me will always be 100% his own choice. Sunday also marked a big day as it was the first public airing of my book! I was really proud to have 2 copies standing on the worktop with...