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BBC Radio Shows

When I started out on this accidental career, the last thing I imagined was that I would become a radio broadcaster. I absolutely love being on the radio. It is such an intimate medium and I get to meet amazing people every day who want to tell their story.

My weekday programme on BBC Thrradioee Counties Radio has been on air for three years now and has built up quite a following. It is the most listened to BBC local radio programme online outside of London (using total listening hours as the measure). You can catch it online every day from 12pm here or on FM, AM and DAB digital radio if you are in Beds, Herts or Bucks.

The show is packed with music and long format interviews. It’s a programme where guests get a chance to sit back, relax and tell their story. I regularly welcome big name guests on to the programme, many of whom talk to me exclusively on local radio. Local guests are also very prominent and the only criteria is that they must have a story to tell.

The style of the show is informal but probing and my greatest pleasure involves getting people to tell their story. One of my favourite on air moments was Amanda Holden berating me (gently) for “Piers Morganing” her – and she had always refused to go on his programme!

I pride myself on the obsessive level of my preparation for interviews. It always tickles me when a guest (as recently happened with Elkie Brookes) expresses surprise as to how well prepared I am. The challenge which I love is to make interviews with guests who have done it 1000 times before still sound fresh, surprising and engaging.

I am also lucky to have some of the highest quality experts you can hear on the radio, offering regular advice clinics on questions ranging from health and finance, all the way through to the value of your vinyl records.

As a little aside, you might find it strange to hear that the best training I ever got for being on the radio was when I trained to become a Samaritan. Those skills of listening, asking open questions – and not being afraid of hearing emotions of allowing silences in the conversation – stand me in good stead every day I am on air.

On a Sunday morning, I present my Weekend Kitchen – two hours of non-stop food. Every week you can hear at least 8 recipes which you can make at home – and they are always quick, simple and thrifty recipes to make for you and your family. If you want to download any of the weekly recipes sheets, go to this calendar and click on each individual programme date.