This video probably sits right between the diary and food sections of my blog and is a little bit of a departure from our usual videos here. After all, let’s face it, you come here for food ideas – and scrambled eggs are hardly revolutionary. The context of this video is that it was the day of Matilda’s first birthday. We’d been out for a big lunch and none of us were particularly hungry. Matilda was chomping away on a banana sandwich (having devoured a Sunday roast at lunchtime, it’s a wonder she wanted any food at all) and Archie wanted to make scrambled eggs. [continues below the video] In the two years since I started filming us together in the kitchen, the evolution is clear (as it should be, from 2 to 4 years old!). But whereas Archie used to cook with me and alongside me, he now often loves going solo – under my supervision of course. So although to you and me scrambled eggs seem pretty simple, to Archie it’s a whole adventure.

source site And so I captured it on my camera. The three of us in our new kitchen, Archie merrily preparing his supper while conniving and plotting with Matilda. I’ve always said that the kitchen is a brilliant place to hang out and spend quality time with the kids and this video is a lovely illustration of this…

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go Oh, and the easy scrambled egg recipe itself? Well, you know… an egg, a little milk, gently whisked, butter in a pan on a medium heat, pour the egg mixture in, wait a few seconds then gently scramble. But of course you knew that already…

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